Tokyo Hot n0617 Agony Idol

Name: Tokyo Hot n0617 Agony Idol

Date Added: 2011-10-26

Viewed: 212244

Rating: 3.7/5 - (10 Votes)

Maker: Tokyo Hot

Models: Tomoyo Itano


Description A genuine idol TOMOYO ITANO debuted from the TOKYO HOT. It is actually obedient though it seemingly looks saucy. It is the slender infant figure and the talking that depended on with a lisp. It is a new face of the expectation to bring on the atmosphere that wants to torment. It wants to pierce the cock in an immature young slut. It has become a big disaster when it urges weird men who gather without any restriction. The pussy is tattered. The spirit collapses. The nymph who dreams debut of the entertainment world changes suddenly. She debuts to the whole world splendidly as a meat urinal! TOMOYO receives the good news that debut was decided from a manager. It is the immediate debut after scout. The body is suddenly fingered by the manager though it is a pleased TOMOYO. Immediately after, it is admonished that the body offer to parties concerned is natural and she is made deep kiss though she opposes. It is made to take off one’s clothes continuously and the nipple is licked. It is a beauty tits like the orthodox school idol


Tokyo Hot n0617 Agony Idol

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