Tokyo Hot n0609 Nymph Slave

Name: Tokyo Hot n0609 Nymph Slave

Date Added: 2011-10-26

Viewed: 394854

Rating: 3.9/5 - (27 Votes)

Maker: Tokyo Hot

Models: Anna Kisa


Description The TOKYO HOT brutal person party who lives by woman hunting is full about pussy even if it is private. They make full use of the Internet and do not miss prey search. The poor beautiful girl aimed at this time is ANNA KISA. She is type of active and a spoilt child. She seems to be poor at push and is most suitable for insulting. In fact, ANNA writes in it at a bulletin board system and is so-called runaway girl who woman waits for “God.” However, it was “the devil” not God to have appeared. The highest slender body is tattered as a result that a defenseless beautiful girl was imprisoned, and it continued being fucked. And she falls to a slave who exposes incontinence. She may never walk the proper life…

女狩りを生業とする東熱鬼畜連中はプライベートでもマンコの事で頭が一杯。インターネットを駆使しては獲物物色を欠かしません。今回狙われた哀れな 美少女は希沙アンナ。活発で甘えんぼタイプ。押しに弱そうで陵辱には最適です。実は希沙は掲示板に書き込んでいわゆる“神”を待つ家出少女。ところが現れ たのは神ではなく“悪魔”でした。無防備な美少女が監禁され生姦され続けた結果極上スレンダーボディはボロボロ。挙句失禁まで晒してしまう奴隷に転落。も う二度とまともな人生は歩めないでしょう。


Tokyo Hot n0609 Nymph Slave

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