Tokyo Hot n0677 Meat Urinal Maid

Name: Tokyo Hot n0677 Meat Urinal Maid

Date Added: 2011-10-22

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Rating: 4.1/5 - (38 Votes)

Maker: Tokyo Hot

Models: Mayu Takagi



Sorry kept you who love vaginal cum shot waiting. The TOKYO HOT maid cafe is new opening. Today’s recommended maid is MAYU TAKAGI. It has a good reputation with a fair slender body and in the way of obedient, devoted work. It is a genuine masochist maid who utters a pretty gasp voice and to feel it with the seductive expression that seems to ask for forgive when cock is inserted deeply. It is OK no matter what it may carry out because it is the woman who seemed to be born to become the meat urinal. Please train until a pussy breaks at a severe play such as powerful finger fuck and continuation vaginal cum shot. MAYU of the maid is ordered cleaning by master. Although she cleaned up with the employee of the man employed together, a disagreeable look can be turned and it looks in at a skirt. Immediately after, she is suddenly clung by man and opposes it. However, she is pressed down by strong power and is pushed down by the sofa. The man seemed to wait for an opportunity usually to rough up MAYU vigilantly. And MAYU who is took off the panty and is made finger fuck gets a pussy wet soon.


Tokyo Hot n0677 Meat Urinal Maid

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