Tokyo Hot n0684 Lewd Joint Party

Name: Tokyo Hot n0684 Lewd Joint Party

Date Added: 2013-01-13

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Maker: Tokyo Hot


Description It is MIKA SHIRAISHI, the female college student who plays every day without considering anything. It is extreme popularity for men in the seat of a drinking session and the joint party in the face which is pretty on a slender body. It is just like the air of Queen. The TOKYO HOT arranges a false drinking session instantly in order to set a foolish woman on a trap. MIKA who was pampered feels good immediately. It stripped off clothes when she got drunk and started fucking insult. The true character such as cock lover and a masochist of MIKA who was fucked intensely comes out! She wets her pants without shame and she makes pussy muddy and faints in agony. Please enjoy the end of a waste woman considered to be a pussy slave. MIKA is surrounded by men and gives a toast. She gets drunk with a good feeling but liquor is overflowed intentionally and skirt is taken off as said clothes are stained. Immediately after, although she tries to go to a toilet but she cannot walk straightly and she is taken to the shower room by man for some reason. Though MIKA is seen, she sits down and urinates in large quantities! She draws a wonderful parabola and excretes it. She is made to drink liquor afterwards and she is made open leg pose by dead drunk.


Tokyo Hot n0684 Lewd Joint Party

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