Tokyo Hot n1024 Double Maid Play

Name: Tokyo Hot n1024 Double Maid Play

Date Added: 2015-02-25

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Maker: Tokyo Hot


Description Miho Morishita is a beauty woman who has got shaved pussy and tan skin. Chihiro Shirasaki has got straight black hair and beautiful fair skin. They are looks contrasting but both sensitive bodies. Guys fuck them together as meat urinal. At the first time they were very shamed but while guys giving hard stroking they have got acme many times and they kissing each other as lesbian play without shame. Finally guys cum inserted to them two times each. They have vowed to devote her life to service cock to the future.
Morishita has been working as a maid for debt repayment. She absolute obedience to the master. It is not possible to act even touched the body by master. He deep kissing to her and touch her pussy and taking her panty off to show her shaved pussy. He licking her pussy but her pussy has getting wet. Then he gives finger fuck to her pussy, she has cum immediately.
Then she has to blow job his cock with lick his balls as well. And giving deep throat. Suddenly rookie maid of Shirosaki come into the room. She also bring to here for working as a maid for debt repayment as well.
He taking her bra off and lick her nipples. She also has to blow job his cock with lick his balls as well. Morishita also joined blow job together. He really enjoyed it. After that he bring them to another room.
At the another room there are some more guys who with a mask. Guys started to lick Morishita’s shaved pussy and another side of Shirasaki also taking her panty off to show her pussy as open legs poses. Guys giving finger fuck to clitorises.
Then guys put electric massage machine onto both pussy and they have to blow job one guy’s cock together. Shirosaki lick his balls and Morishita blow job his cock. Then they also lick three guys cock with hand job.
After that guys insert cock to them by missionary posture. Guys taking them as back side cow girl position and side position with hard stroking. Morishita has cum immediately. Guys licking her push and another guys also inserted his cock to Morishita by cow girl position with hard stroking.
Shirasaki also fuck by back side position and standing back side position with hard stroking. Then he has cum inserted to Shirasaki by missionary posture. After clean up his dirty cock by her blow job, another more guys cum inserted to her vaginal by back side position. Morishita also fuck by another guys by back side cow girl position. It is scheduled to ritual is continued daily until debt repayment.
After this, her beautiful pussy is no longer worth it to deteriorate. Ballooning debt to reverse Far return the debt. Seems to die grandson be the maid service was recently confirmed.


Tokyo Hot n1024 Double Maid Play

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