Tokyo Hot n1007 Scandalous Cabin Attendant

Name: Tokyo Hot n1007 Scandalous Cabin Attendant

Date Added: 2014-12-20

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Description Mayu Yamazaki is a looks like young sister. Aika Kojima is a looks like lewd Sister. They are contrasting type of meat urinal. Play as lesbian and accept lots of cum insert together. Have got beautiful legs and wearing black panty hose. But, they played as shame. Yamazaki has got lots of acme and Kojima accepted 7 times cum insert. Might be they are pregnant. Yamazaki is a TOKYO HOT Airlines cabin attendant. She has fuck with Captain before. So that why she has an unusual career. One day, she played with captain, he taking her panty hoe and panty off to lick her pussy and anal. She has cum also. She is really sensitive. Kojima had seen their sex. Kojima also want to do promotion, She joined to their sex as well. Kojima and Yamazaki have deep kissing by captain’s order. While captain give a finger fuck to Kojima, Yamazaki lick her clitorises. Then, Kojima also lick Yamazaki’s clitorises and captain lick her anal. Then Kojima and Yamazaki kick his cock together. Yamazaki lick his balls and Kojima blow his cock. Two combination also excellent. The mechanic also participated in the sex. Yamazaki and Kojima give blow job and hand job 2 cocks each. Then, they are taking open legs pose and guys giving finger fuck to them. They have cum together. Guys taking and push rotor and electric massage machine onto Kojima and Yamazaki’s clitorises. Kojima has got acme again. Then guys inserted cock to her vaginal by missionary posture with hard stroking. He taking her as bent over position, back side cow girl position and standing back side position. Then two girl licking pussy each other as 69 pose. Then guys cum inserted to Kojima by missionary posture. After she clean up his dirty cock by her blow job, another more guys insert cock to her vaginal and cum shouted. Then more guys cum inserted to two girl as after another. Yamazaki and Kojima accepted 5 times each. After that they couldn’t stand up. After that days, they are become to be nice cabin attendance of meat urinal.


Tokyo Hot n1007 Scandalous Cabin Attendant

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