Tokyo Hot n0936 Submissive Nasty Maid

Name: Tokyo Hot n0936 Submissive Nasty Maid

Date Added: 2014-03-21

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Description Sensitive cute girl of Yui Kawagoe and neat clean obedient girl of Yuki Nagano have been to urinal of semen. They offer body to guys as compete. They appeal service to guys that blow job to cock each other as compete and while guy giving hard stroking to vaginal on the other side lick his balls. Also give a blow job as deep throat. Finally they give a guy’s semen mouth to mouth. They have had cum insert 7 times each and they loyalty to cock more firmly. Kawagoe and Nagano is a working at president house of Tokyo-Hot Company as maid. One day president said that going to be fire one maid who cannot work as good. When he lie down to the couch two maid give a massage immediately. Then they give a deep kiss to president and lick his nipples. After that Kawagoe give a blow job to his cock but Nagano also want to give a blow job to his cock as well. They compete for his cock. They lick his balls and give blow job to his cock. Then when he all on four on the floor, Kawagoe lick his anal and Nagano blow job his cock. And they lick his cock together. Then two maid show masturbation to him by open legs pose. They started give finger fuck to vaginal themselves. Then Kawagoe has cum first. Nagano has acme. Then another staff of Tokyo Hot Company have come into the room and they lick to two pussy by open legs pose. Two maid’s pussy has get wet by vaginal juice already. They have cum immediately. They guys push rotor onto Kawagoe’s clitorises, she has acme. And also Nagano has cum by rotor. Then next Kawagoe has pissing by standing pose without shame. Then guys take two maid to basement floor. At the basement floor there lots of guys have waiting two maids for fuck. Two maid give them body to guys for cum insert. Two maid have accepted cum insert 5 times of each. Then another staff have come up to around of them. Two maids takes open legs pose and guys give a finger fuck and lick theme’s pussy. They has get wet pussy again. then they give a blow job to staff’s cock each other. Kawagoe lick his cock and Nagano lick his balls. Then guys inserted to two maid’s vaginal by cow girl position and back side cow girl position. Kawagoe has got acme and he take her as side position and back side position with hard stroking. while he fuck with Kawagoe, Nagano lick his cock as well. On the another side of Nagano has fuck with another guy by missionary posture. While he fuck with Nagano, Kawagoe lick his cock as well. Then he has cum inserted to Nagano’s vaginal by missionary posture and two maids clean up his cock by blow job. Then they give a guys semen by mouth to mouth. But unfortunately, president has fired two maid as tired. Now they waiting ad video studio of Tokyo Hot and they always Has been entrusted with the important task of preventing pregnancy


Tokyo Hot n0936 Submissive Nasty Maid

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