Sally Yoshino
Full Name: Sally Yoshino
Blood Type: O
Country Code: JP
Height (cm): 153
Measurements (cm): B: [80] W: [53] H: [85]
Birth Date (M/D/Y): 11/28/1978
Total Movies: 5

Movies For "Sally Yoshino"

1Pondo-050611-088 1Pondo-050611-088 - Princess Collection Sally Yoshino


Princess Collec...

2013-12-30136363 views

DSAM-13 DSAM-13 - Samurai Porn


Samurai Porn

2013-09-16102087 views

KP-012 KP-012 - Kamikaze Premium Vol.12


Kamikaze Premiu...

2013-08-2490590 views

DRC-053 DRC-053 - CATCHEYE Vol.53



2013-03-06216240 views

MIDD-181 MIDD-181 - Real Sex and Ecstacy Initial Performance


Real Sex and Ec...

2012-10-0974552 views


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