Yui Fujishima
Full Name: Yui Fujishima
Blood Type: O
Country Code: JP
Height (cm): 154
Measurements (cm): B: [83] W: [58] H: [83]
Birth Date (M/D/Y): 3/16/1992
Total Movies: 8

Movies For "Yui Fujishima"

NDTM-003 NDTM-003 - Beautiful Softcore Slut Asian Idol Nudity


Beautiful Softc...

2016-09-0819252 views

FSET-494 FSET-494 - Giving Her An Adult Toy For a Present


Giving Her An A...

2014-11-21168854 views

RDT-170 RDT-170 - Oddly Aroused By The Sight of My Sick Friend


Oddly Aroused B...

2014-08-15189316 views

ONEZ-014 ONEZ-014 - Beautiful Japanese Girl Traditional Attire


Beautiful Japan...

2014-07-3155817 views

HBAD-238 HBAD-238 - Lust Of A Man And His Grown Sexy Lady


Lust Of A Man A...

2014-07-26131200 views

VENU-385 VENU-385 - Japanese Beauty With An Erotic Ass


Japanese Beauty...

2014-05-29107328 views

WANZ-069 WANZ-069 - Japanese Slut In Her Sexy Lingerie


Japanese Slut I...

2014-01-29212469 views

XV-1053 XV-1053 - Zubo Immediately!


Zubo Immediatel...

2012-09-01285292 views


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