Sasa Handa
Full Name: Sasa Handa
Blood Type: A
Country Code: JP
Height (cm): 158
Measurements (cm): B: [90] W: [59] H: [82]
Birth Date (M/D/Y): 4/18/1985
Total Movies: 15

Movies For "Sasa Handa"

STAR-078 STAR-078 - Performer Sensitive Body Eroticism


Performer Sensi...

2016-02-204299 views

STAR-065B STAR-065B - Lewd Sex Costume Play Production 2


Lewd Sex Costum...

2016-01-153181 views

STAR-065A STAR-065A - Lewd Sex Costume Play Production 1


Lewd Sex Costum...

2016-01-152320 views

STAR-050 STAR-050 - Performer Sasa Handa Sex Doll Training


Performer Sasa ...

2016-01-073880 views

STAR-036 STAR-036 - Performer First Place of Body Lewd Fucking


Performer First...

2014-09-2943377 views

SDMS-789 SDMS-789 - I Will Help You With Your Masturbation


I Will Help You...

2014-03-18146703 views

SDDL-457 SDDL-457 - Soft On Demand Fellatio Collection


Soft On Demand ...

2014-03-0143822 views

SDMS-107 SDMS-107 - Hardcore Asian Horny Women Amateur Sex


Hardcore Asian ...

2014-02-1148316 views

STAR-195 STAR-195 - Promiscuous Bathing Orgy Four Time Special


Promiscuous Bat...

2013-10-12334534 views

SDDM-945 SDDM-945 - 5 Costumes with Sasa Handa


5 Costumes with...

2012-11-1489834 views

STAR-163 STAR-163 - Tekoki X Fucking Clinic


Tekoki X Fuckin...

2012-09-02112098 views

STAR-029 STAR-029 - Personal Sex Experience First Nakadashi


Personal Sex Ex...

2012-08-1488731 views

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