Tsubasa Miyashita
Full Name: Tsubasa Miyashita
Blood Type: B
Country Code: JP
Height (cm): 162
Measurements (cm): B:[86] W:[58] H:[88]
Birth Date (M/D/Y): 1986/04/27
Total Movies: 21

Movies For "Tsubasa Miyashita"

RSD-004 RSD-004 - Lewd Rodeo Girl's Semen Party in Tokyo


Lewd Rodeo Girl...

2015-03-2068101 views

Carib-082711-791 Carib-082711-791 - If My GF Was Tsubasa Miyashita


If My GF Was Ts...

2014-07-14115131 views

CAND-110 CAND-110 - Having Sex 2 Minutes After Opening Door


Having Sex 2 Mi...

2014-03-12143854 views

HEYZO-0518 HEYZO-0518 - Hamar's World 12. A Tanned Punk Girl with Innocence


Hamar's Wor...

2014-01-27149291 views

HEYZO-0130 HEYZO-0130 - Summer Memory with a Tanned Girl Part 2


Summer Memory w...

2013-12-28165379 views

HEYZO-0009 HEYZO-0009 - Memories of Summer and Tanned Girls


Memories of Sum...

2013-12-20190436 views

VIKG-115 VIKG-115 - Dark-Skinned Trendy Gal Paradise


Dark-Skinned Tr...

2013-10-1593641 views

PT-133 PT-133 - Model Collection Tanned Gal


Model Collectio...

2013-09-06106358 views

1Pondo-071813-628 1Pondo-071813-628 - Original Drama Collection Tsubasa Miyashita


Original Drama ...

2013-07-18169843 views

1Pondo-051713-593 1Pondo-051713-593 - Drama Collection Tsubasa Miyashita


Drama Collectio...

2013-06-06150298 views

Carib-102310-516 Carib-102310-516 - Nakadashi, Come On!


Nakadashi, Come...

2013-04-24215310 views

1Pondo-042013-574 1Pondo-042013-574 - Model Collection Tsubasa Miyashita


Model Collectio...

2013-04-22124333 views

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