Karen Kisaragi
Full Name: Karen Kisaragi
Blood Type: A
Country Code: JP
Height (cm): 154
Measurements (cm): B: [90] W: [60] H: [82]
Birth Date (M/D/Y): 03/02/1981
Total Movies: 19

Movies For "Karen Kisaragi"

RMIAD-005 RMIAD-005 - Let's Watch Karen Kisaragi's Growth


Let's Watch...

2014-04-2440972 views

PGD-325 PGD-325 - Premium Beauty Hardcore Asian Sex


Premium Beauty ...

2013-08-17101745 views

BBI-106 BBI-106 - By The Kissing Obsessed Teacher


By The Kissing ...

2013-07-19150503 views

PGD-448B PGD-448B - For You Karen Kisaragi, Retiring 2


For You Karen K...

2013-07-0742295 views

PGD-448A PGD-448A - For You Karen Kisaragi, Retiring 1


For You Karen K...

2013-07-0344499 views

OPEN-0613 OPEN-0613 - Private Business Angels Million Dream


Private Busines...

2013-04-02141365 views

PXD-021 PXD-021 - The Dark Side of El Dorado Shameful


The Dark Side o...

2013-04-04177633 views

REAL-109 REAL-109 - The Real Karen Japanese Porn Star


The Real Karen ...

2013-02-0858327 views

REAL-070 REAL-070 - Super Digimo Hardcore Sex Special


Super Digimo Ha...

2013-01-0548744 views

MIDD-600 MIDD-600 - Wife of a Man With a Mother Complex. Sadistic Man and An Arrogant Man


Wife of a Man W...

2012-09-27176238 views

SSPD-052A SSPD-052A - The Lady Panther 7 Part 1


The Lady Panthe...

2012-09-24136959 views

PGD-159B PGD-159B - Harem of Amazones Part 2


Harem of Amazon...

2012-08-10232544 views

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